About Us

The Cortex Club is a global community of learners and educators passionate about Neuroradiology & HN Imaging

Our Goal

The goal of the club is to provide an environment to creatively collaborate with peers and enhance the learning experience.

Thank You

Mohit Agarwal, founder of this club & Faculty at the Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, USA would like to thank you for visiting this website & supporting our mission

About Us

Our Story

The club started tweeting a weekly quiz called the ’Brain Teaser of the Week’ encouraging learners to participate in the quiz. The reward for their participation, enthusiasm and knowledge was the coveted ‘The Cortex Club’ T-shirts & annual trophies

This weekly quiz also serves as a platform for renowned educators to interact and mentor a global learner audience. The club is grateful for their contribution & as a token of appreciation they have been presented with ‘The Cortex Club’ T-shirts

In July 2022, the club started an online lecture series featuring international experts in Neuroradiology education. These sessions will also involve learners and trainees, thus enriching their professional experience

Dr Ram Vaidhyanath, Consultant Radiologist, University Hospitals of Leicester, UK has been supporting the club via his contributions in setting up the online lecture series and in building this website

This diverse community welcomes all interested in Neuroradiology education. If you are a learner desirous of joining the community, please participate in the weekly quiz. The club is always on the lookout for expert educators, and if you want to join us, please get in touch!

“Don’t forget to check out our Quiz and Webinar pages for our Brain Teaser and Online lecture series archives!”!

Welcome to The Cortex Club!